About Us

The beginning of Passing Out dates back to 1993 when café posters and leaflets were delivered to support the arrival of art house films at the Mercury Cinema in Adelaide. By targeting distribution to the genre of the movies, a unique and extensive distribution database was developed.


Passing Out quickly grew into the state's largest distribution company of its kind. That company became even larger in October 2018 when the street marketing specialist merged with Poster Impact, another of the most trusted and respected companies of this type. The reinvigorated company continues to trade as Passing Out Distribution.


Most importantly, for you, the customer, the merger has resulted in access to now even more high-foot traffic sites for the display of your promotional material, whether that material be a poster, flyer, brochure, booklet, program, magazine or even an illuminated electronic E-poster.


It means you'll receive the broadest and most transparent coverage on offer in Adelaide. It means more eyeballs on your marketing material. Ultimately, it means more bums on seats.

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