Programs and Leaflets

Passing Out Distribution has the most comprehensive database of delivery outlets - 1,800 that will accept programs and 1,000 that will accept leaflets. Any part of Adelaide can be included or excluded to meet your marketing objectives. We know the Adelaide market and we don't overload our outlets. With a long history of recording take up rates and sites being graded for traffic, we know how many to deliver to each site to ensure take up rate.

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The massive size of our coverage means we can provide targeting solutions for 1,000 to 25,000 programs or leaflets. Based on our 23 years in the market, we have hand picked the outlets that best deliver the following target audiences.

Arts, Affluent and Older

Adelaide's best cafes and restaurants, upmarket hotels, arts organisations, community centres, bookshops, 4-star + accommodation, hospitals and professional offices. Extra weighting is applied to key, affluent suburbs.

Young Adult Package

Our outlet selection includes all tertiary campuses, music shops, fashion stores, the pubs and bars young adults frequent, nightclubs, backpackers and cheaper dining places.

Family Package

Take away food outlets, libraries, toy libraries, kids clothing shops, video stores, family restaurants, large medical clinics and information centres. First home buyer and generally recognised younger areas are targeted more heavily.

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